Brief: Research the positive and negative aspects of your personality. Then find an insight and form a project. Open Project.

Insight: All my  personality traits come from different people that have influenced me differently in my life.

Concept: I painted four people who have influenced my personality thoughout my life. I then chose colours that represent them.  

Result: I paired up the person and  the colour I see them as and gave a colour to each personality trait I have.

ISTD: Not just Fleurons

Insights: Music grows from just a note. As a garden starts from just a seed. Music is also seen as a form of typography. Type Fleurons also look very similar to that of music ornaments.

Concept: I designed a seed box that when opened a music tree folds out. This is also used as an informative piece of typography about the growth of music.

Made for: teachers to buy and hang up in their theory classes or just a classical music lover.


Winning Campaign for the Foschini Graduate Recruitment Campaign. Loerie Award Pending.

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Winning campaign for the Foschini Group, Graduate Recruitment Campaign. Loerie Award Pending

Other Logos people have used

Illustration book to teach children how to dress themselves

This campaign was for the D&AD Awards. Concept is: People help Peoples showing that oxfam sends people all over the world to solve major problems.

"We wear our hearts on our sleeve"

Eversince we were children we would throw tantrums, scream, cry we would do anything to make our mothers wear what we wanted to wear. For me I HATED dresses, I have and older brother who i idealised and I wish I could just run around in shorts and t’shirts and play in the mud all day . I hated and still do hate pink, detested frills and bows of any sorts. I used to get my scissors and restly my bathing costume, not to my moms delight! But from a very young age, people learn to dress themselves to the way they want to.

Every morning we wake up, and decide what we want to wear. We all have different reasons. For example some need to put on uniform to demand authority like police men and doctors, some need to power dress to exude condifence and seriousness, others dress like hipppies and some like goths some like they working the night shift on the corner of Long and Loop street. We all wear different outfits to express something about ourselves.

For Hazel: I like to wear something nice, creative, yet stylish, a jem I found at the second hand store or at my moms Hospice Shop. My clothes(I hope) communicate that I am a little different, I have a sense of style, take care in my apperance and myself and say that I am a creative girl!

When wearing Black I felt that, that was not me. I felt strange in my own skin. I was not saying anything about the real Hazel through what I was wearing, and that freaked me out a little and made me feel awkward and uneasy! It is not that  I have anything against the colour black, or that I never wear it. All I am saying Is that for 10 days I was taken out of my skin and put into someone elses and shoot was it strange!

Thank you for the project, I learnt alot about myself and my class mates. Was truly interesting!!

Express yourself: Manifestations of personality in clothing and appearance

People form initial impressions of others on the basis of their physical attributes and observable behaviors.  Physical appearance is one domain that people frequently use to formulate impressions of others.  Physically attractive people are helped, trusted, and preferred as employees or mates  to a greater degree than less attractive people.  Additionally, individuals may consciously or unconsciously manifest aspects of their personality through their physical appearance.  

aura P. Naumann. (2009). CLOTHING AND APPEARANCE. Express yourself: Manifestations of personality in clothing and appearance. 2 

In full Colour!!

Today is my control day! I decided to put on a dress I have been dying to wear since this project started. It is a pretty dark blue dres with open back, rather vintage. I arrived at class and 2 people commented on how lovely I looked, then went into class and 3 people commented as i entered! It is not as though I look for compliments, but hell its nice!! I didnt get one compliment on my dress when I was wearing black, only when I was my Little Black Dress on Saturday night!!

Colour gives me confidence, It makes me feel good inside and out! I feel that the world looks brighter because I look brighter. Is that weird? I didnt realise how colour truly effects me.  I feel pretty and feminine and comfortable in my own skin!